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Hajj Services
  1. Hajj Service is provided during the month of Dhul Hijjah of the Islamic Calendar
  2. Payment arrangements for the Hajj starts 10 months prior to the actual travel date for the Hajj.
  3. Hotel rooms are booked immediately after the prior Hajj so we are sure what hotel(s) will be used.
  4. Airline seats are reserved 6 months prior to travel. Deposits on these seats are non-refundable to us.
  5. Spiritual preparation starts two months prior to travel date. Our preparation is “one on one” discussion prior to the Hajj.
  6. Final payments must be done by the 1st of Ramadan for that Hajj year.

Cancellation and Refunds for the Hajj:

Cancellation 6 months and more prior to travel date is fully refundable.

Cancellation between 6 months and three months of travel date is subjected to $1,000.00 administrative fees.

Cancellation 3 months and less prior to travel date is non-refundable.

Passport Rulings:

Passports and Travel Documents must have a minimum of 6 months validity before a visa is issued.


Application for the Hajj Visas will be done through our company on your behalf. We do this because we are familiar with the guidelines to obtain the visa.

Requirement for Hajj Visa:

  1. Valid passport with 6 months minimum validity
  2. Four Passport size pictures with a plain white background.
  3. Non-US passports must be accompanied by a valid greencard or a visa allowing them to work and travel freely in and out of the USA.
  4. Women under the age of 45 cannot travel alone, they must be accompanied by a Mahram who is mature enough to take care of her.
  5. Women above the age of 45 will be allowed to travel alone but they must present a notarized letter from a Mahram allowing them to do so.
  6. Children traveling with parents must submit an original birth certificate with their passport and four passport size pictures.

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