“Hajj-U.S.A of New York” has been providing Hajj and Umrah Services for over 18 years. Our experience and “leadership skills” makes us the #1 in providing the expert guidance you need to make your Hajj trip “A Journey of a Lifetime”.

Please send a text message for any discussion on the Hajj or Umrah @ (646) 251-7910.

We will call you back to set up an appointment for a discussion.

Click here for Protocols for hajj 2021

About the Umrah…….at this time we do not have any updates as to when the Umrah will be open for ‘2021 and onwards. As we get the information, we will be posting it on this website. Feel free to contact us at (646) 251-7910.

Registration for the Hajj of ‘2022 will start on August 1st, ‘2021. A payment must be made to lock your place with the group. We are assuming that next year (‘2022), will have similar rulings, limitations and restrictions for different countries.

Very Happy Hajji

Travelling to Mena

Hajjis Leaving hotel for Hajj

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