Alhamdulillah, the ‘2016 Hajj was a success.

“Hajj Mabrur” to all those who participated in the Hajj.

We are now open for Umrah Bookings.

Hajj Registration will start in January ‘2017, Insha Allah.

Click here to view hajj price and package
Price shown includes the Hajj Fees and Sacrifice…
Not a Dime More
The program is a “Makkah First” program.
Arrive in Jeddah, Then to Makkah Then To Madinah…..
…Food provided throughout the whole program…
Scheduled Lectures and preparation will be done prior to departure. Spiritual services are exclusively according to Qu’raan and Sunnah.

Advice to Prospective Hajjis:

Almost all of the Hujaaj does not know anything about Makkah and Madinah and its’ surroundings. 

You will need proper guidance and good experienced guides to help you.

Hajj-U.S.A have that kind of guidance…

Please read our website carefully to get a better insight of how your Hajj can be as “Simple” as possible.

This is not about a “Big Show”….. It is about an “Accepted Hajj” that has no better reward than “Paradise”.

No one is considered part of the group unless a payment is made after Registration

See below on how to “register”

  • 1(866)-857-7875
    If we are unavailable, leave a message and we will return your call.
    We normally would return a call within 48 hours
  • 1(646)-251-7910
    Send a Text message and wait……..We will return your call.
    We normally would return this message within one hour


    Go to the top of this page and you will see “View Package”.
    Click on “View Package” and you will see the layout of the program and the price at the bottom of the page.
    To register, go to the “TAB” on top of this page that says “Registration”.
    Click on that and you will see the Registration Page.
    After “Registration”, click on “Submit” and the registration will be sent to us.

What is good about this package…

  • Arrive in Jeddah…..Depart from Madinah
  • Buffet meals throughout the whole program
  • Makkah Hotel is opposite the Haram
    (2 minutes walk from Hotel to Ka’aba)).
  • Aziziyah Hotel is conveniently located close to Jamarat.
  • Aziziyah Hotel is available for use during the days of Hajj.
  • Madinah Hotel is opposite Masjid An-Nabawi
    (3 minutes walk).
  • Private Bus from Makkah to Madinah after Hajj
  • Ziyarah (Visit) to Holy sites in Madinah

Why you should choose us…

  • 15 years of providing Hajj Services
  • Competitive prices
  • Very organized programs
  • Straight talk and no gimmicks.
    Services provided as promised.
  • Group leaders are easily accessible
  • 1:1 Discussion prior to Hajj
  • Experienced Hajj Guides
    (This can be testified from Last Year’s Clients)
    (We will provide you with references)

Due to unexplained rules regarding the issuing of Hajj Visas within the Saudi System, Hajj-U.S.A. of New York will only accept clients that can fulfill the following criteria:-

  • Those with American passport
  • Those with foreign passport accompanied with a valid Greencard
  • Those with foreign passport accompanied with Work Authorization Card from Homeland Security
  • Those who will travel with the group departure from USA and depart from Saudi Arabia with group
  • Group departure from USA is on September 1st
    Group departure from Saudi is on September 17th

Many satisfied clients over the years!!!

Read what some of them have to say!!

My name is Rasheed Mohamed and I went with my wife to Hajj in ‘2014. Our experience from the time of contacting Brother Fahim was very impressive and we experienced a wonderful Hajj with this group. We had some scenarios when we arrive but Brother Fahim quickly resolved the situation and all went well after that. One observation is that unprecedented things happens during the program but it is not the fault of the company but because of the system that is used during the Hajj by the officials there. One sure thing is that Brother Fahim is very experienced and he is always on top of the situation.
Rasheed Mohamed, 2014 Hajj
I was recommended by some friends who went with HAJJUSA and I took their advice. It was not disappointing at all. My experience with this group is excellent and both me and my wife do not have any unpleasant things to say. We would recommend this company to others.
Moshood Akande, 2014 Hajj
I went several times with this company to Hajj and did several Umrah’s through them. I was not disappointed at any time in dealing with Brother Fahim. My last Hajj (2014) was personalized because of time constraints and Brother Fahim did exactly as promised. I am happy and so are many others whom I spoke with. Brother Fahim is really experienced with Hajj procedures.
Dr. Jamal Altaf, Hajj 2014