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Who can get a Visa?

Who can get a Hajj Visa?

Hajj Visas are issued to people living in the USA legally. What this means is that US Citizens, Resident Aliens and Contracted Workers can get a Visa to go to the Hajj from the USA.

Those people who have a “US Visitor Visa” cannot get a Hajj Visa from the USA. They will have to apply through their respective countries.

How can someone from the USA start the process for the Hajj?

Anyone desirous of making the Hajj must contact a Hajj Provider / Group that have good experience in the Hajj Industry.

How is the application Processed?

After making contact with a Hajj Provider and you agree to accept their services, the next step is to register with that group. This is how most of the Hajj Groups process their applicants.

HAJJ-USA of New York requires that a registration and deposit is made. Only then, you are considered part of the group.

Finally, you will have to send your original Passport / Passport and original greencard (if you are not a citizen of the USA) / Passport with original ID Card from Homeland Security to the company.  The group organizers will then submit the documents for the Hajj Visa.

What are the conditions for someone from the USA to get a Hajj Visa?

  • Valid Passport (US or other) with six months validity from date of travel
  • Valid Greencard Holder (If you are not a US Citizen)
  • Work issued ID Card from Homeland Security

A “US Visitors Visa” will not allow anyone to be eligible for a Hajj Visa from the USA.

These are just the basic conditions.
Go to the Requirements Page for more details.