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My name is Rasheed Mohamed and I went with my wife to Hajj in ‘2014. Our experience from the time of contacting Brother Fahim was very impressive and we experienced a wonderful Hajj with this group. We had some scenarios when we arrive but Brother Fahim quickly resolved the situation and all went well after that. One observation is that unprecedented things happens during the program but it is not the fault of the company but because of the system that is used during the Hajj by the officials there. One sure thing is that Brother Fahim is very experienced and he is always on top of the situation.

Rasheed Mohamed, 2014 Hajj

I was recommended by some friends who went with HAJJUSA and I took their advice. It was not disappointing at all. My experience with this group is excellent and both me and my wife do not have any unpleasant things to say. We would recommend this company to others.

Moshood Akande, 2014 Hajj

I went several times with this company to Hajj and did several Umrah’s through them. I was not disappointed at any time in dealing with Brother Fahim. My last Hajj (2014) was personalized because of time constraints and Brother Fahim did exactly as promised. I am happy and so are many others whom I spoke with. Brother Fahim is really experienced with Hajj procedures.

Dr. Jamal Altaf, Hajj 2014

 We live in NYC, therefore we have a lot of choices for Hajj traveling companies, but the reason we decided on Hajj USA was because our family friend (who is very dear to us Mashallah) has been using Hajj USA services for his family for many years! They had only good things to say about Hajj USA. Also, unlike other traveling companies brother Fahim from Hajj USA take a small group of brothers and sisters to perform hajj. As a result, he is able to provide better customer care from day one.During the hajj, I’ve seen many Hajis running round trying to find people from their traveling agency to help them with their issues, but unable to find. The day we made our commitment with Hajj USA and the day we came back to NYC brother Fahim was with us on every step of the way. And we knew should we have any issue where to find him without any problem.

 There is a lot of food to eat, but you should control yourself and watch how much you eat because sometimes it is hard to find places for us bathroom during Hajj that was one of the advice brother Fahim gave us, this is only because of his many years of experience and expertise.

 It is important that Hajj must be done right according to the Prophet’s teaching otherwise it is a waste of money and time. During our trip brother Fahim had students of knowledge, teaching us on each step of the Hajj and making sure we perform our Hajj the right way this was the most important and valuable part of hajj.

 Lastly, it is important to know that there are some difficulties during the Hajj, which can and will happen because that is “Hajj” We also had our difficulties such as delays and some other things but Mashallah having brother Fahim with us made things a lot easier. Me, and My wife thinking about go for our 2nd Hajj Inshallah and it will be with Hajj USA.

Avais Khizar – Hajj ‘2015

 My name is Tajudeen Alaya.

My wife, her friend (Anifat Yussuf), 2 other family friend (Sister Morafa and Sister Solfat) and myself performed the ‘2015  hajj with Hajj USA and was a beautiful experience  (Alhamdulillahi). Brother Fahim is a friend and good companion on the journey- very understanding and accomodating and also ready to work with you. I recommend you contact him now for your next Hajj insha Allah. You won’t regrett it.
Tajuddin Alaya – Hajj ‘2015

I performed Hajj several times with different companies. One year during my hajj with another company in Makkah Sharief, I saw how Brother Fahim was conducting his tour and I promised that I will perform Hajj with his group if I ever come again. In ‘2016, I traveled with his group and I must say that I am very pleased with the services and the spiritual guidance of HajjUsa. This company gives a service beyond my expectations. I am very pleased and very happy.

Sister Lattiphan

The website said it all—–straightforward and direct to the point. I read several different websites and then I found www.hajjusa.com. After reading everything, I decided to call and ask some questions. Brother Fahim was direct to the point and I could actually hear experience flowing from him. That is when I said to myself that I am choosing Hajj-USA of New York because I was traveling as a single female. I never regretted choosing this company and I will recommend them to all.

Sainabou, Hajj 2016