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Special Hajj Instructions

Special Hajj Instructions

During our stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are times when your patience will be tested. This is a direct result of so many people involved in doing whatever you are doing. There will be unusual delays resulting in waiting time to be many long hours. Travelling time also can be long hours.

It is important to follow group leaders instructions for the benefit of the whole group. There may be members in the group who cannot perform the rituals or move swiftly, so be patient with them and try to accommodate them. Hajj is not meant to be a picnic or vacation, it is meant to be rewarding from the good deeds performed.

  • HAJJ-USA or its affiliates will not be responsible for your medical condition. You are advised to take extra medications during your trip in case of unpredicted delays from airlines or any other source. HAJJ-USA will assist in the event of an emergency but their services will be limited.
  • HAJJ-USA is not responsible for your money or valuables. You are advised to keep your money in your possession at all times. Try to make special pockets on your clothing with special zippers to keep your money safe. Keep suitcases locked.
  • HAJJ-USA is not responsible for lost suitcases through airlines or otherwise. If your suitcases does not arrive with you on the flight in Jeddah, HAJJ-USA group leader will inform the airline. After that, it is up to the airline to locate the suitcase.
  • Suitcases must be visually checked during group movements. The Hujaaj must ensure that their suitcases are loaded and unloaded on buses or other vehicles transporting the luggage.
  • Every Hajj group is allocated to an office in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj. The office will have a number. Make sure you get that number before leaving the USA.
  • HAJJ-USA is NOT responsible for anyone snoring heavily during sleeping in the hotel or in Mena tents. We advise all Hujaaj to be patient with situations like this and they should NOT be complaining to the group leaders for this discomfort. This is a struggle and more you are patient, the more it is rewarding.
  • In Mena tents, there are spaces allocated for every Hujaaj by the Hajj Officials. HAJJ-USA will abide by the rules set forth by the officials and WILL NOT dispute any such rulings.
  • The Hujaaj must control food intake to avoid using bathroom excessively.
  • HAJJ-USA does not provide transportation from Mena to Masjid Al-Haram for Tawaaf Al-Ifaadah. Cost is about 50SR each way. This is equivalent to about $13.00 USD each way. (This quote can be different at certain times)
  • HAJJ-USA does not provide wheelchairs in Saudi Arabia. We will advise and assist if necessary but services will be limited.
  • Identifying landmarks is very important so as not to get lost. Every Hujaaj must be sure to look for signs or something they can remember easily especially in Mena.
  • During your stay in the Kingdom, it is advisable to drink bottled water at all times. Bottled water is plentiful during the Hajj season.
  •  You are advised to copy and keep all your important documents such as passports, greencards and airline itinerary safely during the trip. Those who are traveling as a “resident alien”, must travel with their original greencard for re-entry into the USA.
  • It is advisable NOT to go and stone Jamaraat individually. Always go in groups.
  • Before leaving the USA, the Hujaaj must get the name and number of the hotel and the group leader/s mobile number in Saudi Arabia. It should be kept on person at all times.
  • Read up and ask questions (as much as possible) on the Hajj and its rituals. Our website and Hajj book has lots of information.
  • HAJJ-USA strongly advise each Hujaaj who register with the group that they should be mindful of the conditions in Saudi Arabia. It is not the same as in the USA. Ask questions before joining our group so there will be no surprises when you arrive in the Kingdom.


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