Hajj 2018 – HajjusaHajj 2018 – Hajjusa
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Requirements for a Visa

Requirements forĀ a Visa?

  • Valid passport for at least 6 months from date of travel
  • Valid US re-entry permit/travel document (Only if applicable)
  • Copy of Greencard for Non-US Citizens
  • Four passport size pictures with a clear background
  • Original Vaccination for Meningitis (ACYW 135)
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate (Couples Only)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate for each child (only if visa has to be issued)
  • Muslims with Non-Islamic names must submit proof of Shahadah from Mosque or institution where Shahadah was taken or send a notarized letter from current Mosque that you are a Muslim.
  • A woman desirous of travelling by herself must be over the age of 45 years and must submit a “No Objection” letter from a Mahram.
  • Any woman under the age of 45 years must be accompanied by a Mahram.