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Package A

 August 24th/25th to September 9th/10th, ‘2017

This is a “Makkah First” Program

  • Depart JFK and other US Cities on August 24th / 25th…….(Emirates Airlines / Egypt Air / Turkish Air)
    Departure from other US Cities will be discussed and arranged accordingly.
  • Arrive in Jeddah on August 26th
  • Arrive in Makkah (4.5 Star Hotel) on August 26th (Opposite the Haram)…2 minutes walk to Kaa’ba
  • Check in time at hotel in Makkah is at 3pm (August 26th)

Makkah Accommodation:

  • Hajjis will stay from August 26th to September 4th in the Hilton Towers Hotel. 
  • Four Star Hotel infront of Ka’aba– 4 people per room.
  • Food (Breakfast and Dinner) will be served in hotel in Makkah….Buffet Style.
  • Hotel will be available during the Hajj days (Suitcases will remain in hotel during Hajj).

Accommodation during Hajj:

  • Hajjis will move to Mena on August 30th in Government buses
  • Two meals will be served daily in Mena tents
  • Mena tents are located about 3 miles from Jamaraat (North American Section)
  • Arafat accommodation will be in tents with food and cold drinks throughout the day.
  • Hajj Days will be from August 30th to Sept 3rd
  • Hajj will finish on Sept 3rd

Madinah Accomodation:

  • 4 people per room (Dallah Taibah Hotel)…2 Minutes walk to Masjid An-Nabawi
  • Food (Breakfast and Dinner) is served in hotel in Madinah ….Buffet Style
  • Group will travel to Madinah on September 4th
  • Group will stay in Madinah until September 8th
  • Group will depart from Madinah on September 8th and arrive in USA on September 10th


Total days including travelling days – 16/17 days

Contact Info

  • 1(646)-251-7910 …..Best way for a faster reply
    Send a Text and wait……..We will return your call.
    We normally would return this message within one hour
  • Email…..Another good way to reach us
  • Important Info:-
    Anyone who made Hajj within the last 5 years will not be given a Hajj Visa.

Package Cost – $8,395.00

 From New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington Dulles.

From Miami, Houston and Dallas – add $200.00

From any city in California or neighboring cities – add $300.00

The above package cost is for quad occupancy
**Cost for Double Room Occupancy: …..
Add $1,100.00 more per person

  • Everything is included in package price
    (Hajj Fees and Sacrifice – EVERYTHING!)
  • Not a dime more!!!
  • Mailing to and from us is your expense…!!!