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Important Notes

Important Notes

  • A visa will not be granted to the following people:
    –  A sister under the age of 45 travelling without a Mahram.
    –  Anyone outside of the USA at the time for issuing visas. This applies to only Non-US Citizens.
    –  A person who does not have permission to legally reside in the USA. For example: Those who have a US Visitor Visa cannot not get a “Hajj Visa” in the USA.


  • Passports must have 6 months validity from date of travel before a visa can be issued.


  • Passports must have two pages opposite each other blank. For example: like the middle page of a book.


  • Any infant or child who is issued with a Hajj Visa is subjected to full package price.


  • Choice of a special airline will result in the individual traveling by themselves and not in the group. In this case, instructions will be given on how to reach the group prior to arrival at Jeddah airport.


  • Airline schedules are subject to change without notice. Passengers traveling in our group must be able to be flexible by one or two days before and after the Hajj program with last minute notification.


  • Hotels are rated according to Saudi standards. Comparison should not be made with hotel ratings in the USA.


  • Passengers travelling with HAJJ-USA must check the weather conditions and make adjustments (if necessary) to their domestic flight two or three days prior to departure date.


  • HAJJ-USA will not be responsible for anyone missing their International flight.


  • HAJJ-USA is not responsible for documents lost in the mail via Fedex, UPS, Post Office or similar shippers (either by sending or receiving).


  • HAJJ-USA does not have control over Saudi Authorities both in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Embassy in the USA. The process of issuing visas may vary and we ask our clients to be patient during the Hajj season. We always do our best to facilitate our clients.


Travel Documents

Keep travel documents (Your US passport or US Greencard – residency permit) secure during your trip. Make two copies of your passport including pages stamped with Saudi Visas. Leave one at home and keep the other in a safe place with you during your travel.


Always carry contact information for:-

  • US Embassy and Consulate General in Jeddah
  • Your US travel agent
  • Your hotel where you will be staying


Health Information

  • Make sure that your routine immunization are up to date.
  • Hepatitis and Polio vaccines are recommended as routine vaccinations for travel.
  • The only mandatory vaccination required by the Saudi Government for a Visa is Meningitis commonly known as Meninggococal.
  • Carry hand Sanitizers as well as OTC medications that is commonly used for colds and flu and Diahorrea.


Heat Related Illnesses

  • Move to a cool area and seek medical attention if you experience profuse chills, sweating, headache, dizziness and nausea.
  • Temperatures at the Pilgrimage sites consistenly exceed 100 degrees Farenheit during the summer.
  • Stay hydrated, rest and protect yourself from the sun. Prepare yourself and carry extra water and related liquids when moving from one place to another.


Hajj-U.S.A assumes no responsibility or liability for the quality services rendered by the Saudi Government or its officials governing the Hajj Travel. This include Government Transportation, food provided by the Mutawiff and accommodation in Mena.