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"Quality Service without a doubt"...

Our Service is much different.....
We can work with your schedule..........

Hotels are very close to Masjid AL-Haram and Masjid An-Nabawi

Hotels are clean and hygienic
Good for kids and older people prior to the hajj

Hotel available for use during the days of Hajj

Food throughout, except traveling days

Food in Mena and Arafat

All rituals done According to "Qur'aan and Sunnah

All Programs are "Makkah First" Programs

Tour to historic sites in Madinah

Three programs to choose from (See below)


Saudi Visa Information

  A Visa is required from the Saudi Consulate in the USA before traveling to Saudi Arabia..

  Agents in the USA will apply for the Visa for you.

  Do not call the Saudi Embassy for a Visa, they will ask you to contact an agent.

  "Hajj Visa" is different from an "Umrah Visa".

     With a Hajj Visa , you must perform the pilgrimage in a group manner with your agent..

     With an Umrah Visa, there is no need to perform the rituals with a group or agent

  Both Hajj and Umrah Visa will ONLY allow you to travel to Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah.

No other cities can be visited in Saudi Arabia










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My name is Rasheed Mohamed and I went with my wife to Hajj in ‘2014. Our experience from the time of contacting Brother Fahim was very impressive and we experienced a wonderful Hajj with this group. We had some scenarios when we arrive but Brother Fahim quickly resolved the situation and all went well after that. One observation is that unprecedented things happens during the program but it is not the fault of the company but because of the system that is used during the Hajj by the officials there. One sure thing is that Brother Fahim is very experienced and he is always on top of the situation.
Rasheed Mohamed, 2014 Hajj
  I was recommended by some friends who went with HAJJUSA and I took their advice. It was not disappointing at all. My experience with this group is excellent and both me and my wife do not have any unpleasant things to say. We would recommend this company to others.
Moshood Akande, 2014 Hajj
  I went several times with this company to Hajj and did several Umrah’s through them. I was not disappointed at any time in dealing with Brother Fahim. My last Hajj (2014) was personalized because of time constraints and Brother Fahim did exactly as promised. I am happy and so are many others whom I spoke with. Brother Fahim is really experienced with Hajj procedures.
Dr. Jamal Altaf, Hajj 2014

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